Kingsley Mooney

I like the fact that the BFGCF gives funds to support various organizations - often for multiple years in order to to help them progress.

Member Since: 2017

Currently Resides in Lutherville, Maryland

Tell us about your professional background.  I am in Marketing and Sales and currently hold the position of Customer Delight Manager for DinnerTime is an highly personalized website designed to help families save time, save money, reduce stress and eat healthier. Our platform recommends meals with nutritional values specific to the member's household representing time, budget, tastes and any health considerations. Our mission includes bringing families back to the family dinner table and encouraging healthier eating practices for all members of society. In August 2017 alone, we recommended over 6 million meals.  My role includes but is not exclusive to: account management, overseeing marketing efforts and integration with appearance and productivity of platform DinnerTime is a startup so I can easily identify with the struggles many non-profits experience regarding lack of funding at key times to needing additional expertise

Why did you choose to get involved with the Building for God Community Foundation? This is a big question! Why choose one foundation over another to involve oneself as there is need everywhere for volunteers? Certainly Michael and Karen have a vision which they passionately express.  It is contagious! I particularly like the format and the mission of the Building or God Community Foundation. There are a number of wonderful organizations that want to do wonderful things.  Being sympathetic to so many different causes left me not knowing how to help each one enough!  I like the fact that the BFGCF gives funds to support various organizations - often for multiple years in order to to help them progress. I also like the concept of helping folks do what they are passionate about. It takes tremendous effort and sacrifice to start and maintain a non-profit and to know they have a multi-year resource of funds is hugely valuable. I am also intrigued with the development of an active data base of volunteers connecting with those who need their specific talents for the time individuals can commit. Often companies are now rewarding employees with time to volunteer and producing a working connection to HR to track available opportunities and actual activity which will be would be valuable on both ends. So in essence, I like the "big picture" mentality of the Building for God Community Foundation and how it can continue to grow as the needs of the community grow or shift. 

In what ways are you connected to the community?  I grew up in same house my family and I currently reside!  I attended Garrison Forest School and returned to Baltimore after time spent in Boston and Washington DC.  I have raised 3 children, all of whom have been active in their respective choices of volunteering opportunities which has, in turn, exposed me further to the needs of our city. I, too, have volunteered for a number of organizations with a variety of needs.

Is there any other information or fond BFGCF memories you’d like to share? As a relatively new member of the board, my observation is this board is compiled of universally joyful people. They are strong in their conviction that giving back to our community is part of their plan in life. They walk the walk to support the efforts of so many different organizations of the Greater Baltimore Community. I am honored to be a part of this team.