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Dylan Waugh, Founder and President


VISEDAL Partnership was founded by empowers children and young adults in Managua, Nicaragua, to become leaders in their families and communities.  Through their scholarship program, VISEDAL Partnership offers clothing, food, scholarships, and guidance to children and young adults throughout Managua, providing the support and encouragement necessary for them to build better futures.

Volunteer trips are scheduled on a regular basis and are designed to encourage VISEDAL scholars in their studies and to celebrate their accomplishments in and out of school. Each year, a group of volunteers―which includes Maryland high school students― travel to Nicaragua to visit with the VISEDAL scholars and their families. They help to affirm the scholars' decision to leave the streets and return to school.  They also spend time preparing donations for various Managua communities that are in need. 

By sharing this experience with local Maryland students, VISEDAL not only opens their eyes and hearts to some of the world’s poverty and suffering, but they teach volunteers how to be servants of the Lord and how to find joy in everyday life.

The 2016 Champion in Life Grant Award will provide funding which will allow two Baltimore-area students to attend a VISEDAL volunteer trip. These students will have the opportunity to love and encourage our scholars and then build on their experience to serve the Baltimore community.