Steve Hanssen 

"Life is all about building relationships, and the BFGCF is building relationships with phenomenal organizations and I look forward to helping out with this process."

Member Since: 2017

Currently Resides in Towson, Maryland

Tell us about your professional background. I am currently retired and have a goal of helping others in the community.  My professional background includes working in the field of Commercial Real Estate from 1985 - 2016. From 2007 to 2016, Steve oversaw projects for Wexford Science & Technology, to develop Research Parks on or adjacent to Universities throughout the country.  One example close to home is the University of Maryland BioPark, the Innovation Research Park at ODU. 

In what ways are you connected to the community? My wife Marty and I moved to Baltimore in 1985. Marty's family is from Baltimore, which has opened the door to meeting some outstanding people. We raised our three children in Baltimore. Two still live here and one is living in Annapolis.

Why did you choose to get involved with the BFG Community Foundation? I had a fifteen minute discussion with Mike Brooks in a Fresh Market on how I wanted to give back to the surrounding communities. That led to Mike being kind enough to let me tag along on various site visits he and others were making to organizations that the BFGCF had a relationship with and had invested money. It is amazing how many wonderful organizations there are in our surrounding communities and how they are making such a positive statement to our fellow residents. Mike then asked me to be on the BFGCF Board of Governors and it was a very easy decision.