Champion in Life Partnership with SAFE Alternative Foundation for Education

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In a continued effort to positively impact charitable organizations in the Greater Baltimore area that are focused on creating change for those in need, Building for God Community Foundation announced that it will be partnering with SAFE Alternative Foundation for Education (SAFE) to create a new Workforce Development Center. Since 2012, SAFE has been assisting Baltimore City youth with academic resources and mentoring to expertly guide them through high school and beyond. The new Workforce Development Center will provide industry-relevant training and employment opportunities to SAFE students who wish to focus their career on a particular trade after high school. 

This joint venture comes as part of the Foundation’s Champion in Life Partnership Program. Select area non-profit organizations are chosen to receive professional leadership support and capital resources for the purpose of developing, implementing and growing a specific program. The capital resources come in the form of a recurring grant award that matches individual, corporate, and foundation gifts for a specific number of years.

SAFE founder, Van Brooks, was recently presented with the first installment of funds which will be used to hire staff, purchase equipment and begin the work necessary to refurbish the Workforce Development Center’s designated space. SAFE hopes to partner with companies in the construction industry to provide training and employment opportunities to its program participants. When asked about the endeavor, Van Brooks said, “This partnership provides the necessary capital and, more importantly, the expertise needed to build a facility capable of having a huge impact on the community.”

SAFE’s Workforce Development Center is currently set to open its doors in 2020 and plans to begin the program with twelve participants. “When I think of community development, I think of the people in need of resources and opportunities to better themselves and their careers, which, in turn, has a positive impact on the community. This partnership will allow us to provide those resources and opportunities,” shared Brooks.   

Additional fundraising efforts for the Workforce Development Center will soon be underway as well. To find out how you can support SAFE in their efforts to establish the Workforce Development Center, visit For more information on Building for God Community Foundation, its programs and events, the Champion in Life Partnership Program, and the local nonprofit organizations the Foundation supports, visit

About SAFE Alternative for Education

Founded 2012, SAFE helps Baltimore City students achieve their educational goals by providing them with the valuable resources and opportunities necessary for academic success. In addition to academic support, students are exposed to real-world experiences outside of their local community. SAFE programs are held after school, on weekends, and throughout the summer. Learn more at

 About Building for God Community Foundation 

Founded in 2007, Building for God Community Foundation’s mission is to affect a positive and determined impact in our local community in the areas of sheltering the homeless, feeding and caring for families, fostering the educational needs of our youth, and supporting those who protect our community. Since its founding, Building for God Community Foundation has supported many local nonprofits through its Champion in Life programs, which distribute grant funds to support deserving organizations in our community. For more information, visit