Safe and Sound Schools is Hard at Work Keeping Our Children Safe


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When it comes to Building for God Community Foundation Partner, Safe and Sound Schools, 2018 has proven to be another successful year! In the past few months their events have reached thousands of people, delivering their unique message of safety in our schools. Some of these events include:

  • Ivymount School for students with special needs – site visit and consultation

  • Marriotts Ridge High School, Howard County – Safe and Sound Youth Council presentation and a community night

  • DHI Security Conference, Baltimore

  • Baltimore County Public Schools School Safety Conference

  • Federal Emergency Management Association PrepTalk, available online

  • School Safety webinar, hosted by Raptor Technologies

  • Axis School Safety Symposium

  • National Association of School Resource Officers

Curious about what some of what Safe and Sound Schools is sharing? They recently released the State of School Safety Report ( and published Parents for Safe Schools web page (

If you’d like to read more about the wonderful things Safe and Sound Schools is doing for our community, you may enjoy these two great reads:

The Building for God Community Foundation is obviously very proud of the work being done by Safe and Sound Schools and looks forward to sharing more of their successes in the month ahead.